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Is America Heaven?

March 22, 2012

Our grandkids live half a world away.  Denyce and I (aka Honey & Papa) have been blessed to be able to go see them each of the past three years, but some events you only get to hear about.

January, 2012:   It seems Matt was having breakfast with four-year old Joshua and two-year old Jenna while listening to the 2009 Christmas book we had made for them, the kind where the reader’s voice can be recorded on each page.  We had recorded a different reader on each page, including one page by my dad (Granddad) and another by Denyce’s mom (Grandma Billie), each of whom had sinced passed away.

As they were enjoying the different voices and talking about them, Matt realized that he had not told the kids about Grandma Billie’s passing the prevous month, which prompted this exchange…


“Joshua, do you know where Grandma Billie lives?”


“No, she used to live there, but now she lives in heaven with Jesus.”



“Do you know where Granddad lives?”


“No, he lives in heaven with Jesus now.”



Joshua, with a concerned and quizzical look, asked somewhat hesitantly, “Umm.…does Papa live in heaven now?”

Thankfully, Matt was able to reassure him that Papa still lives in America.



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