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Walk it Off!

March 14, 2012

Everyone golfer seems to have a favorite story…..the almost hole-in-one, or the shot that skipped over the water,  bounced off a rock, went under a limb and onto the green.  This is mine….

It was one summer when both the boys were home from college.  Matt was never that interested in golf.  When he played, it was for the fellowship, not the game – he rarely played, so simply hitting the ball occasionally proved challenging.  Kyle, the better golfer of the two, would play anytime – if I paid.  So, early one July morning, we headed off to Mohawk Golf Course in Tulsa.

There was nothing extraordinary about our play.  A bogey here and there, the occasional par, too many double bogeys.  A double bogey would have represented the highlight of Matt’s game – but we invoked the mercy rule and stopped counting.  Kyle and I spent much of the early part of the round teaching Matt the etiquette of the game, how one is expected to act on a golf course…..

“Stand still when someone is hitting.”

“The person furthest from the hole hits first.”

“Lowest score on the previous hole tees off first on the next hole”

“Don’t walk between the hole and someone’s ball on the green.”

There were so many rules and it was all so new that at times Matt seemed afraid to move, concerned he might be breaching some yet-to-be-revealed code of conduct.  It may have been frustrating, but Matt did not let it get him down and it paid off handsomely.

On the fourteenth hole, Matt having reached the fringe of the green in only three shots, faced a very long putt for par.  In what can only be described as a stunning development, he drained the putt.

He so surprised himself he wasn’t sure how to he was supposed to respond to this shocking turn of events.  You know, the etiquette rules…..

“Walk if off, Matt!,”  Kyle and I both yelled, wanting him to record for posterity the distance of this prodigious effort.  Matt looked puzzled.

“Walk it off!”  It had to be at least 45 feet, maybe even 50.

Matt looked confused,  apparently thinking this new phrase was yet another of the subtle vagaries of golf he had yet to learn.

Undaunted, he threw out his chest, slung the putter over his shoulder and moon-walked around the perimeter of the green…….

We never did find out how long the putt was.


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